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Eropl├ín Hotel**** offers a variety of massages, just choose one and order it at the following telephone number: 571 648 014 

Swedish massage

Swedish massage focuses on detoxification by increasing the rate at which cells eliminate waste products from the body. It allows the body to absorb more oxygen and thus regenerate tissues. It induces sense of satisfaction and relief.

Reflex massage

The reflex massage mechanically acts on significantly painful sites of the human body that are accompanied by diseases of internal organs. The therapist uses a set of special techniques and movements, selected according to the patient's condition. This may be a neck massage, back massage, pelvic and special leg massage.

Reflex massage refreshes the body, blood vessels, skin and joints, strengthens the nerves, induces a sense of well-being and health, purity and happiness. 

Hot stone massage

The massage can evoke wonderful feelings of relief and relaxation. During this massage you will feel the warmth of real lava stones, which by their vibrations and heat affect the body's energy pathways, have beneficial effects on the mind and perfectly relax stiff muscles. 

Head massage

  • supports metabolism in the skin
  • alleviates fatigue
  • tension
  • helps to alleviate headaches
  • in migraine
  • has a positive effect on the nerve endings in the skin and thus the overall nervous system
  • improves blood circulation 

Chocolate massage

Chocolate massage and body wrap are an exclusive treatment of skin by a chocolate mixture with beneficial effects of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals contained in the cocoa powder and almond oil. Chocolate nourishes your skin, returning it to its flexibility and softness, reduces cellulite and anti-aging. Chocolate massages make your skin soft and delicate after this treatment. 

Ajurveda massage

It is an Ayurvedic healing technique that releases tension and pain regions. It alternately stretches and relaxes the muscle, respectively its attachment and fibrous part. 

  • speeds up the detoxification processes
  • helps to increase the range of motion of joints
  • relaxes the physical and mental stress
  • speeds up the metabolism
  • improves quality of sleep 

Hawaiian  massage

The principles of the massage consist in the use of special Hawaiian techniques practiced in Hawaii islands for centuries. Very nice relaxing massage with positive effects on blood circulation, skin and mental condition.


Traditional Thai massage

relieves muscel and tendon tension, stretches limbs and spine, brings positive energy to the whole boy. Systematic pressure massage of the whole body is appropriate for removal of tension and pain. Regenerates inner balance and harmony, removes joint, muscle and tissue toxins, tension and pain, increases blood and lymph nodes circulation, improves the excretion of injurants from the body, strengthens the nervous system and relieves spine pain. During the massage zou are lying on a special mattress and your masseuses combines pressure and pulling exercises. Thai massage is designed for everybody.

 Thai aroma massage

is in difference to Classical Thai Massage more relaxing and less invasive. Masseuses do not practice the pressure method, they focus more on unblocking the musckle hypotonia, relaxation of the soul is obvious by all massages. This type of massage is provided using original Thai oils in combination with aroma therapy. Your body and skin relax and relieve of stress with the help of natural produkts. A regular massage tranquillizes the nervous system, relieves muscles tension, stimulates blood circulation, reduces edams and suports regular function of intestines.


Aroma hot stone massage

The combination of a whole body oil massage with hot lava stones can induce wonderful feelings of relief and relaxation. With their energetical vibrations and heat, the lava stones influence the body┬┤s energy pathways, relax stiff muscles, and, in combination with the pleasant scent of oils, the lava stones have a beneficial effect on your mind. The massage can induce feelings of serenity and relaxation. Select a scent that is the most pleasant for you-coffee, green tea, lavender... The massage is not suitable for pregnant women, and people with varicose veins, inflammation of the veins, and skin injury or sisease. People with diabetes or another illness shoul heva permission of their doctor.


Foot reflection massage

has git a long-standing medical tradition. There are people who prefer the foot massage as one of the best classical Thai massage. The massage technique is above alle the acupressure. It practises the stimulation of vegetative points of single organs together with gracilis muscle massage, rubbing the natural massage oil to feet and last but not least stretching and relaxing every individual toe. Foot massage is very relaxing and has not only the physiological effect-as the far eastern cultures believe in- but influences positively the psychical dstate, and is effective against stress. Reflex massage may play an important role in attainment and maintenance of better health state and well-being, and bring about body and soul harmony.


Massage head and neck shoulders

in connection technique in the area of nek, nape and back helps to evoke a high level of relaxation. The massage is carried out while you are sitting and or lying on your stomach. By gentle pressing face and neck pressure points the blood circulation of the head is stimulated which help to protect against stress and aging process. This massage brings relaxation and has a possitive influence on headaches and repeated migraine headaches. The head skin massage is a very unique relaxing experience.

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